How to Recognize a “Good” Coupon?

Dear L.C.-  I spend so much time cutting out coupons or printing them from websites, but I only end up using a few.  How do I recognize a good coupon?  If I focus on the good coupons, maybe I could cut down on time spent processing coupons that I will never use.

This is a great question.  Here are some tips on recognizing good coupons.  Look for:

  • Coupons for items that you would buy anyway
    • Or, new products that you want to try
  • High-value coupons, relative to the item’s price
    • For instance, if Dannon Greek Yogurt costs $1.00 and you have a 50 cent coupon, that is 50% off the price, so could be considered a high-value coupon.  If your store doubles coupons, it would make the yogurt free.
  • Coupons without many restrictions
    • For example, if you had a “$1.00 off any Nabisco Cracker” coupon, you have a lot of options to use it… on different sizes, different flavors.  Clip that coupon for sure!  On the other hand, coupons with a lot of fine print about size and type restrictions can be more trouble than they are worth.



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