How to Reduce Your Couponing Expenses

While couponing can save you money, there are some costs associated with using coupons. Here are ideas on how to lower those expenses:

1. Newspaper Subscriptions (and their Coupon Inserts):

  • Since coupons usually come in the Sunday paper, call your newspaper and ask if they have a discounted Sunday-only or weekend-only subscription package.
  • If you have friends who don’t coupon, ask for their newspaper coupon inserts. In exchange, give them some free products you get from couponing.
  • If you don’t mind dumpster-diving, ask your local recycling place if you can pull unused inserts from their paper recycling bins.

2. Printer, Toner, Paper for Printable Coupons

  • Print your coupons in black and white, not color.
  • Look for sales and coupon deals at office stores (like Staples, Office Max).
  • Your local library may have computers and printers available for free use.

3. Coupon Organizers

  • Repurpose existing organizers, binders, envelopes that you already have.
  • Look for sales at the office stores.

4. Coupon Books (like the Entertainment Book)

  • Let your family and friends know you would love this for a holiday or birthday present.
  • Often these books are discounted over time.  For instance the Entertainment book usually is discounted in the spring.  The downside, is that the coupons still expire at the same time (usually in December) so you have less time to use them.
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