What is a Coupon Insert?

Dear L.C. What is a coupon insert? A lot of the coupon bloggers talk about getting coupons from “coupon inserts”, but I don’t know what there are or how to find one.

A coupon insert is a glossy booklet full of manufacturer coupons.

Find coupon inserts in Sunday newspapers (except on holiday weekends).  They are usually tucked in with the comics and the grocery store ads.  Some regions will get coupon inserts in the mail.

A coupon insert is about 8 inches wide by 11 inches high and typically has 10-30 pages (see pic below). There are several types of coupon inserts: look for “Smart Source” “Red Plum” or “Proctor and Gamble” on the coupon insert cover.

Learn how to find a coupon insert date here.


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