What Does a Double Coupon Look Like?

Dear L.C.  What does a double coupon look like? I hear a lot about them but have never actually seen a double coupon.

At most stores, double coupons aren’t a paper or physical coupon.  Coupon doubling is just programmed into the cash register.  So if you have a 50 cent coupon, the cash register would deduct 50 cents for the paper coupon and 50 cents for the “double”, for a total of $1.00 discount on that item. 

There are just a few stores that do have paper double coupons that you have to hand the clerk, in addition to you original coupon. For example, some Safeway stores do have printed double coupons. If you suspect your store might use paper double coupons, ask your store’s customer service desk to confirm what they look like.

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