What Does BOGO mean?

Dear L.C.-  My grocery store had signs up about a special BOGO cereal sale this week.  What does BOGO mean? 

For couponing, BOGO means “Buy One, Get One free”. 

If a cereal is $2 during a BOGO sale, you could put two boxes in your cart and get both for $2 total.  You pay for the first cereal box, get the second free.

At most stores, you have to buy at least two items for a BOGO sale to work.  If you buy only one box of cereal, the cost will still be $2 (not half price).

You can buy more than two boxes of cereal, just buy in pairs (so 2, 4, 6, 8, ... boxes).  If you bought four, you would pay for two and get two for free during a BOGO sale.

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