Use Store Loyalty Cards for Lower Prices

Many grocery and drug stores have loyalty cards. These are plastic cards with the store’s logo, about the size of a credit card.  Here’s the Safeway loyalty card, for example:


When the barcode on the loyalty card is scanned at check-out, you get the lower sale prices, instead of regular shelf prices.


  • Get a loyalty card for free from your cashier or at the store’s customer service desk.  You will fill out a form with your name and phone number – they ask for your address, but at most stores it isn’t necessary to fill that out.


  • Hand it to your cashier before you pay.
  • If you forget your loyalty card, you can usually enter your phone number into the checkout keypad, and it will be the same as if you swiped your card. (This works if you listed your phone number on the form when you signed up.)


  • Loyalty cards are a first step to lowering your grocery and drugstore costs. Combining lower prices with coupons is the key to big savings.
  • Sometimes there are other promotions with loyalty cards – some stores give you gas discounts. The use of ecoupons also requires a store loyalty card.
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