Coupon Value

The coupon value is how much the coupon is worth. There are only a couple things to learn:

  1. “Free” coupons often list a maximum value.  A coupon might say “Free Box of Kleenex, maximum value $1.00”. If the Kleenex costs $1.50, it won’t be free with coupon. You will have to pay the difference (50 cents).
  2. If the coupon is worth more than the item cost. If the coupon is $1.00 off a box of Barilla pasta, but the pasta is on sale for 75 cents, a few things could happen, depending on your store’s couponing policy:
    1. Pasta is free and the extra 25 cents will be applied to other items.
    2. Pasta will be free and you will get 25 cents cash back. (Only a few stores, like Walmart, have couponing policies that allow this.)
    3. The store will adjust the coupon value down to 75 cents.
    4. The store will refuse to take the coupon.

Read about the other parts of a coupon here.

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