Electronic Coupons (Ecoupons)

Electronic or digital coupons, also known as ecoupons, are coupons that you load onto your store loyalty card. When you get that product at the store and swipe your card checkout, the coupon discount will come off the price of the item.  Here are steps to get and use ecoupons:

  1. Have a store loyalty card.  Ask a cashier or at customer service.
  2. Find the ecoupon webpage.  If your grocery store offers ecoupons, there will be a link at the grocery store’s webpage.  To register for the ecouponing program, you will need to enter your email address and store loyalty card number.
  3. Load coupons.  You should see a list of available ecoupons.  You can load them by clicking on each – often there is an “Add” button (example below).  Make sure to note expiration dates and coupon details.


Ecoupons can save paper and time.  However, there are a few problems with ecoupons to learn about:

  1. Ecoupon details.  It can be hard to remember the ecoupon details at the grocery store, unless you have a phone with internet access.  You could print a list of ecoupons, but that eliminates the paper-free benefit of ecoupons.
  2. No doubling. Usually ecoupons cannot be doubled.
  3. Less coupon choice.  You usually can’t remove ecoupons once they are loaded.   So, if you have an ecoupon and paper coupon for the same item, the ecoupon will come off first and you can’t use the paper coupon (even if the paper coupon has a higher value).

Check out our additional ideas on where to find coupons.

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