Catalina Coupons


Catalina coupons print during checkout from a machine next to the register. The cashier will hand you these coupons along with your receipt. There are two types of catalina coupons:

  1. Coupons for a specific product like “$1.00 off your next purchase of Dove Soap”.  These coupons seem to come out randomly.
  2. Catalina coupons that are valid on anything, like “$3.00 off your next purchase”.

To get the second type of catalina coupon you usually have to buy specific products.   Coupon Network keeps a list of current catalina couponing promotions and which products you have to buy.  Not all grocery stores give catalina coupons – check at your store’s customer service desk if you are unsure. 

Each catalina coupon will have an expiration date; you can use them for couponing on or before that date.

Check out our additional tips on where to find coupons.

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